A Country of PR…

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I wrote this short article on 30Th April, 2016 at around 3:28 A.M, but didn’t publish it. I had already published, I Have a Grudge Against Elephants, on 29Th April, 2016 on the same topic. But today as I was going through my folder of articles and in view of the exuberant launch of the Jubilee Party and its headquarters, I thought this article, though the content being off, the MESSAGE is the same: PR at the expense of dealing with Real Issues. Everything that matter to the lives of common citizens are regarded as Non-issues while PR is made to be the Real Issue.

Well…There you got it!

We live in a great country, but full of selfish and misguided stewards. Most of the things are done for PR purposes and not for the benefit of the common people. We witnessed the burning of Ivory in April, and we thought we had achieved a milestone. You must first understand that the Ivory that was burnt has been stocked since 1989, about a year before I was born. That is old Ivory. If three Elephants are killed every hour as statistics suggest, then there must be Ivory that have found its way outside the country. As such, I don’t think we are close to winning the war against poaching. Poaching is supported by a corrupt system. And as long as the system is corrupt then poaching would persist. True war against poaching would be close to be won when at least two-thirds of the harvested Ivory is caught, the perpetrators are arrested and convicted. Burning Ivory that has been accumulated for about two decades is purely a PR stunt, and nothing short of that.”

This applies to the launch of the party. I wish they had donated food stuffs to the people of Kilifi who are reportedly starving after a long drought. They would have left a mark on the hearts of those people, and they would have been assured of votes both from the people and the Angels in heaven. Even Angels would have come down to vote for them. It would have been a MEANINGFUL PR stunt. Nothing compares to feeding a starving person.

I am angry…

By Mike Mbugua

A Eulogy to My Gone Friends


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From the Desk of Mike Mbugua

Subject: It Saddens me when a Young Man Dies.

I am now in my mid-twenties, and since, I learnt death exists, I have had to bear the pain of losing colleagues: one or two close friends, two or three classmates, a few course mates, several college mates and many more. People who were of my age; some a little younger; others a little older. Some looked up to me as their role model; some I admired and wanted to live their life. Young people who were not only ambitious, but visionary; big time dreamers, industrious and focused.

Passionate individuals. Passionate for life. Full of life. Lively persons. Individuals, you would meet when demoralized, but by simply spending time around them, you would leave fired to live life. Some zealous for God; some a little confused. All with a bright future, and deserving to live a little longer. Deserving a second chance.

People say life begins at forty, which is partly true, but methinks, life has two phases: from conception to age forty, then from age forty to sunset years- 70years at least. In my opinion (and this is my personal theory); one ought to seek to fulfill his purpose before age 40 so that he can spend the remaining years providing mentorship to the young. However, because of the confusion and chaos in the world people rarely discover their purpose early. So to some, it waits until age 40. Though there are still those who live a hundred years confused and derailed from their purpose. Therefore, age 40 being the onset of the second life; it is the chance to pick up the pieces and make a life that was rather not lived satisfactorily. As such, it saddens me when a young person dies before he has had a second chance to life.

And this brings me to a myriad of questions: What or who is death? Who controls death? What determines when and how a person would die? Who influences that choice? Is it exclusively the right of death to determine when to pick someone? Or do we have a choice? Can we influence a date with death? For many of us who believe in a supreme being. The maker of life. Do we have a choice? Or rather, does He, the supreme being, have influence on death? And how much influence does He have? Is it His exclusive right to determine our date with death? Or what is his amount of influence? Does God have control over death? Does death of human beings catch God by surprise? Well. If He, God determines when death can take us or not, what yard stick does He use to determine who dies next? Can we influence His choice? Especially in regard to a young man or woman? And finally, do we have the right to ask these questions? Or are we just helpless beings with no control over our fate?

I would have stopped there, but…

On the assumption that God has exclusive right to one’s date with death; shouldn’t we petition Him to spare young people? Shouldn’t we enter into a covenant with God over this matter?

Can some of us enter into a covenant on behalf of the entire generation? Is it possible to petition God that no man or woman should die below 50?

I understand our bodies are frail. Some frail than others. For some to live up to 70years it can be unnecessarily painful and troublesome. But 50years is fair so that no man or woman dies before he has had a second chance to life.

For now, let’s lead a godly and fulfilling life in anticipation of a glorious and unregretful end, and these words should not depart our lips: “That we shall not die, but would live to proclaim the goodness of Yahweh.” AMEN.


Written by Mike Mbugua (KU).

Terrorism and Arson: Could these ‘Arsonists Students’ be Terrorists in Making?

arsonPhoto courtesy: collinsmopaoblog.blogpost.com

From the Desk of Mike Mbugua.

If there is a time we must engage our brains, is now. The incidents of arson in secondary schools have crossed the line. Hardly does a day pass by without a number of schools being torched or/and a case of an attempted torching. According to the ministry of Education there are so far about a 100 schools, which have been affected. In some of these incidents there are students who have been injured. The monetary loss caused by these arsons are in the tune of tens of millions. Added to these, is the loss of time, psychological pain, and social devastation on both the students, school management, teachers, parents and the country. The gross loss caused by this incendiarism cannot be attached a financial value. It cannot be compensated.  It is more than we can imagine. And funny enough we seem to care less. Continue reading Terrorism and Arson: Could these ‘Arsonists Students’ be Terrorists in Making?

KU Hostels and Beyond



Photo: KU Gate courtesy of build254.co.ke

From the Desk of Mike Mbugua
Since I joined KU back in May 2011, I had to stay in several hostels including Nyayo 1, which is a ladies’ hostel, given the many visits I made there.
I was a good boy, though.

I also stayed in Nyayo 3, which had the lowest rating among the hostels. It was rumored to be the dirtiest in the whole campus, but to demystify the claim I always kept my room fairly clean. Continue reading KU Hostels and Beyond

I Love Pastors’ Daughters

Bible                                                                      Photo: freebiblestudiesonline.org

From the Desk of Mike Mbugua

I think I have a problem, or should we say, it is a weakness? Maybe, a soft spot…Whatever you may want to call it! What I know is that I love Pastors’ daughters, and I do not know why! Every time, I fall, trip or jump in love, it’s always with a daughter of a man of cloth. Continue reading I Love Pastors’ Daughters

A Dog Saved me from a Fierce Buffalo

doggy                                                                           Photo: brothersoft.com

From the Desk of Mike Mbugua

Note: This is a true story.

It’s very long, but interesting and inspiring, if you commit to read to the end.


When I wrote about my grudge with Elephants, I highlighted how a dog saved me and my mum, or rather, was used to save us, from an attack by a buffalo. Subsequently, I received requests from several readers that I should write about that incident, so, here I come: Continue reading A Dog Saved me from a Fierce Buffalo

I Fell in Love with the Landlord’s Daughter on a Fool’s Day.

20151125_210356                                                         Photo: Mike Mbugua

From the Desk of Mike Mbugua.

Love has no boundaries; you can fall in love with anyone or ‘anything.’ Sometimes, it can be an individual you first disdained, but in a twist of events you find yourself helplessly in love with the person. This is common with ladies because of mood swings and emotional mix-ups they go through. If a man disdains you first, it’s really hard to genuinely love you later. Men don’t suffer  ‘mood swings.’ So if he despises you he has good reasons, and they may not change with time or events. Continue reading I Fell in Love with the Landlord’s Daughter on a Fool’s Day.

‘The Measure of a Man’ by Gene A. Getz



                                                                                                   Photo: courtesy of  Pexels.com

A friend of mine, who loves books as I do, came across this book, ‘The Measure of a Man’ by Gene A. Getz and brought it to me. I read, and this is what I found.

20 qualities that constitutes maturity profile for a man.

1. Overall spiritual maturity-a well-rounded man.

2. Above reproach-a man of good repute

3. The husband of one wife-morally pure

4. Temperate- balanced in words and actions

5. Prudent- wise and humble

6. Respectable-good role model

7. Hospitable-unselfish and generous

8. Able to teach-communicates sensitively in a non-threatening and non-defensive manner

9. Not addicted to wine-not addicted to substances

10. Not self-willed- not self-centered and controlling

11. Not quick-tempered-avoids anger that becomes sinful

12. Not pugnacious- not abusive

13. Gentle-sensitive, loving and kind

14. Peaceable-non-argumentative and non-divisive

15. Free from the love of money-non-materialistic

16. Manages his own household well- a good husband and father.

17. Loving what is good- pursues godly activities

18. Just- wise, discerning, non-prejudiced and fair

19. Devout- holy, devoted to God

20. Self-controlled-disciplined.

Do you AGREE OR DISAGREE? With the author!

I Have a Grudge against Elephants!

Elephant                                                                           Photo: courtesy of emaze. com

From the Desk of Mike Mbugua

For the last few weeks, there have been debates about wildlife and poaching. The debate has largely centered on Elephants and Rhinos, which are the prime targets of poaching, for their beautiful and expensive tusks and horns respectively. Numerous documentaries and commentaries on wildlife and poaching have been aired. Some show the dedication of given individuals  in the conservation of the animals. I remember watching on Jeff Koinange Live, two individuals who have played a key role in conserving the animals. One of them is a Russian, who has produced a documentary about poaching and the trade of Ivory across the globe. Continue reading I Have a Grudge against Elephants!

Let Africa be… Africa.

From the desk of Mike Mbugua.
It is ridiculous that western countries are dissatisfied with Africa presidents’ bid to stay in power forever.

First and foremost, who are you? Who gave you the mandate of lecturing Africa? Isn’t that neocolonialism? Why do you love meddling? Have you heard of any African government interfering with politics in your countries? Is it that you are too idle to mind your own business? Or maybe you have some queer interests in Africa? The wealth of resources we pride in: oil, gold, diamond, uranium and mostly, the black gold. Continue reading Let Africa be… Africa.

Uhuruto Presidency Should Be Applauded for Promoting Transparency in Government Operations as Enshrined in The Kenyan Constitution.

From the Desk of Mike Mbugua.
• Transparency should be promoted further.
• The government should be aware that it is subject to public scrutiny and should respond wisely.
• Benefits rendered by the Transparency such as room for public scrutiny should not be misused!

I would like to begin by disclaiming any possibility of being an expert on matters governance. Indeed, I am just a confident novice, who would not shy away to speak his mind.

Given the widely spread allegations of corruption in the Jubilee administration, one would be quick to judge that Jubilee’s government is the most corrupt regime that has ever existed. Continue reading Uhuruto Presidency Should Be Applauded for Promoting Transparency in Government Operations as Enshrined in The Kenyan Constitution.

The ‘Worst Moments’ are Sometimes the Best in Life…

From the Desk of Mike Mbugua.
Sometimes life can get tough. You look behind; you see glaring darkness. You look around; you see nothing good. When you look ahead, the future appears doomed. So, you feel like losing hope. However, do you know that those are the best moments in life? The best for dreaming and planning for magnificent success. The time for better alternatives! Continue reading The ‘Worst Moments’ are Sometimes the Best in Life…

I Am Not a Gentleman!

IMG_20140831_141750-1-1-1                                                                             Photo: Mike Mbugua

From the Desk of Mike Mbugua
Subj: “Being a Gentleman” is feminists’ swindle to ruin manhood in the society.
I wish to ask:
Which man finds pleasure in opening the door of a car for a woman? Or carrying a lady’s handbag when she is carrying no luggage? What about, pulling out a chair for her? Be honest! Would you marry a woman so that you can cook for her when she is watching the Mexican soaps, so that you can be said to be a gentleman? Or would you do laundry for her so that you can prove that you love her? And many more things? Continue reading I Am Not a Gentleman!

I Now Know… Why Most People Hardly Succeed in Life

From the Desk of Mike Mbugua
Most of us strain and try hard to be what we are not, while forfeiting what we are. Listening to many successful people, you will hear them say that, in their younger age, they loved doing things around the field in which they practice now. Some had love for objects, science, Technology, literature, art, music and so forth. Or they passionately admired people, who worked in certain fields. Continue reading I Now Know… Why Most People Hardly Succeed in Life


From the Desk of Mike Mbugua
In most cases, we see opportunities better, when we are “outside” than when we are “inside!” Too bad for us!

Occasionally, I have found myself in the midst of football fans, though, playing a passive role. In those moments, I have heard the fans arguing over the best tactics that a given team would have employed to win a match. Some even suggest the best line-up for the team. When the game is on, they go to the extent of “instructing” the players on the next move. Amusingly, this happens in front of TV screens. Continue reading OPPORTUNITY SYNDROME


Subj: The place of valentine in the 21st century.
From the Desk of Mike Mbugua
                                                      A brief History of the Valentine festival
In the Ancient Rome, there was a celebration called, Lupercalia, which used to be held on February 15. The celebration was in honor of the gods Lupercus and Faunus, and legendary founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus. Continue reading AT LAST, VALENTINE IS HERE!

Believe in yourself…Accept No Pity

depositphotos_7790067-Young-woman-trying-to-comfort-her-friend                                                                               Photo: courtesy of depositphotos.com
From The Desk of Mike Mbugua.
Have you ever met a person who sympathizes with you because of the task ahead of you? Or even because of difficult life situations? That person is worse than a determined enemy is. Continue reading Believe in yourself…Accept No Pity

I Will Marry My Best Friend… Who Will Genuinely Accept My Proposal

IMG_20140831_141750-1-1-1                                               Photo: Mike Mbugua G

From the Desk of Mike Mbugua
Undoubtedly, I am very young to talk about marriage. I am only 24years old. According to my people, I should start talking about it when I am at least 40 years of age. Secondly, I ought to shy away talking about such an individual issue in ‘first person.’ If I should talk about it, it should be in ‘second’ or ‘third person.’ Unfortunately, I am a nonconformist in my own right, and as such, I choose the ‘first person.’

Marriage is one of the few institutions the creator of the universe instituted. It is supposed to symbolize the love of the creator.

Most marriages, in reality symbolize the antagonism towards the adversary. Continue reading I Will Marry My Best Friend… Who Will Genuinely Accept My Proposal

Think And Talk Positive

From The Desk of Mike Mbugua
No major construction, takes place without a blueprint. In fact, none at all. Accounting for every detail is normally taken during the designing process. This ensures that no lapses would occur during the construction; because all the materials and resources that would be required are determined before, the actual construction begins. More so, all factors of significance in relation to the construction, including the value and worthiness of the project are pre-determined.

Similarly, for us to achieve our destinies we need a clear blueprint. Continue reading Think And Talk Positive



“I have seen something else under the sun:

The race is not to the swift

Or the battle to the strong,

Nor does food come to the wise

Or the wealth to the brilliant

Or the favour to the learned;

But TIME and CHANCE happen to them all.” Ecclesiastes 9:11. (NIV).

Most of us love complaining that there are no opportunities. Opportunities for everything including, the opportunity to work, to study, to travel, to make friends, to date and/or marry, and generally to make life better and meaningful.

However, here are three things that we rarely realize: Continue reading THE “CHANCE” WE ALL HAVE

What if, Obama became the president of Kenya?

From The Desk of Mike Mbugua.
Kenya has great potential. If this potential is, exploited adequately, Kenya could become a mega economy in Africa. Kenya has vast land, which is not useful despite being agriculturally viable. Varieties of minerals are available, and yet few have been, exploited.

In addition, it has a good percentage of semi-skilled human resource, capable of taking key positions to steer the economy forward. Of importance also is the Development plan that Kenya have- the like of vision 2030.

I believe, Continue reading What if, Obama became the president of Kenya?

Why Most Dreams Fail

From The Desk of Mike Mbugua.
• Lack of focus (:-Energy, motivation, Discipline, Consistency, Setting-goals, correct mindset, diligence)
• Bad Attitude
• Wrong timing & Place.
• Failure to evaluate

All people have dreams. Some big, some small. Some long-term, some short-term. Some dreams come true, while others never come true. Majority are those that never come true. When you interrogate most people, they will tell you of how big dreams they had at one time; but ask them how many have come true and, if only they can be honest, they will tell you- none! In fact, Continue reading Why Most Dreams Fail

The Wedding and the Beautiful Girl…

Susan TP 20141220_210933Photo: Susan Mutonga, Miss Kenyatta University (Kitui Campus), 2012/2013.

From The Desk of MIKE MBUGUA
It was during the waning of my adolescent stage, when I had thought I was mature enough to flirt around, and if possible seduce a girl. All along, I had held dearly to the principle of “delayed gratification” because I had read that the most successful people believe in that principle. Continue reading The Wedding and the Beautiful Girl…

The Warped-ness of the Human Heart…

From The Desk of Mike Mbugua

“The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” Jeremiah 17:9.

Only its maker.

“I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my Spirit in you and move you to follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws.” Ezekiel 36:26-27.

The heart requires transformation and guarding.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Proverbs 4:23.

GIGO: Garbage in Garbage out.

No short cut… What you sow is what you reap. What you feed your heart, you will reap in your thoughts, speech and deeds- that would in turn, have good or bad consequences to you and others.

Here is my issue…

Have you ever met certain person(s) and by observing their outward mannerism and public demeanor, you fell into admiration for them? Continue reading The Warped-ness of the Human Heart…

Campus Life Has “Ruined” My Life!



From the Desk of Mike Mbugua

Alternative Title: I do not want to get a “first class honours.”

Wise & prudent launched, was my first article to publish on, www.wiseandprudent.com, and it was meant to invite you to this site. The second one was, Campus Life Has Gone through Me. The 20th article is this: Campus Life Has “Ruined” My Life!

Your life was ruined. Yes indeed. Well. This is how… Continue reading Campus Life Has “Ruined” My Life!

Factors to consider when choosing a life partner

couple-drinking-orange-juice-100103680From the Desk of Mike Mbugua

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. A commitment not like any other because it involves two different souls coming together for good. The motto for marriage is ‘till death do us a part’. Divorce is only an option in case of extreme situations as a matter of last resort. Such situations include infidelity and extreme abuse and violence. The sacred book categorically mentions infidelity as a justified reason for divorce but I suppose it is silent on other reasons and as such, I think conscience and dialogue takes prominence. It is common wisdom that you cannot live one house with a vampire.

In addition, in the holy book, remarrying when the former partner (husband or wife) is still alive is prohibited. Only death of a partner certifies remarrying as the contrary is considered adultery.

All these factors put together makes it a complicated affair given the challenges of the day and our human weaknesses, and therefore requires great determination to succeed in one.
Worth noting, marriage is one of the three institutions instituted by God himself including government and the church.

In the Christian cycles, marriage is considered the second most important decision after declaration of the faith. It so important because it involves souls. Career is also very important but at least you can change or maneuver through to your destiny career.

As such, the institution needs to be approached with knowledge, understanding, wisdom and prudency. One’s expectations ought to be reasonable and realistic. In addition, one ought to be prepared and ready for it when it is the right time. It is worth knowing the expected challenges and being pro-active about them. When you decide to embrace the institution then you should be willing and ready to bear the challenges.

Finally, the factors to consider include but not limited to… Continue reading Factors to consider when choosing a life partner

Career Suicide!


indexFrom the Desk of Mike Mbugua

Subj: Making the right choice of career.

Woohoo! What a title! Career suicide??? …couldn’t he find a better title?

I could not!

People always talk about the suicide that leads to the ultimate sleep-death. “It is destined for a man to die once and thereafter judgment.” That is it and there is no debate about that!

However, few talk about career suicide which most of us commit every second we are faced with an opportunity to make a choice that is job-related.

One’s career is very important because it is a great determinant of success in life. All spheres of life are important and are inter-dependent and so career is.

When I talk about a career, I don’t necessarily mean going to a formal school and grappling with books but the disposition of your cognitive abilities. Continue reading Career Suicide!

A Woman is like a pigeon………any man can “domesticate.”

The pigeon

From the Desk of Mike MG

Subj: A woman is a flexible being.

“I hereby wish to apologize for using almost offensive language in conveying my factual message. It is not my fault but that of Madam XYZ Who taught me literature. I was an innocent boy but then she introduced me to the literally devices such as similes and so forth. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t have offended you- women. Nevertheless, I am addressing men in this particular article…………”

A beautiful woman is like a Pigeon- that is NOT my point!

This is my point……. Continue reading A Woman is like a pigeon………any man can “domesticate.”

The Nitty-Gritties of an Internship

Picture1 Photo: A friend,  Elis Musumba, who is taking internship at Ruiru-Juja Water and Sewerage Company.

From the Desk of Mike MG

Most, if not all of the comrades, both in colleges and Universities go for attachments/internships at one given time. For some, it is a course requirement while for others it is not. Whichever the case, a good number of comrades do go for attachments in various entities.

Some take attachments as opportunities Continue reading The Nitty-Gritties of an Internship

I was sexually “harassed” and “raped!”


1398679567715From The Desk of MIKE MG


I was in first year, and it was the sixth week of reporting for the second semester, after a long holiday. The long holiday had come in between the first and the second semester, within the same academic year, due to double intake.

As a result, I had the opportunity to know my performance for the first semester, while I was still out for the holiday. And because the results were not very appealing, I had made some key resolutions which included:  arriving for lectures 30minutes before time to catch a seat in the front row,  listening to the lecturer keenly while jotting down notes, rather than using earphones to listen to my favorite radio shows, which I will not mention here,  divorce my new found girlfriend from Turkana, who would frequently ask me to accompany her for window shopping in the city, so that I could help her cross the streets,  befriend library addicts,  reduce night escapades and spent more time thinking and planning about the future, rather than complaining over petty issues in campus, and sharing them on the comrades Facebook page.

Going by these resolutions, Continue reading I was sexually “harassed” and “raped!”

There is Hope at The End of The Tunnel; You Can Still Find…


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Subj: The search for a suitable partner is No Joke

From the Desk of MIKE MG

The search for the better-half is not an easy task as some would assume. It can be likened to a long journey to a foreign land, hoping to meet a friend you perhaps know when in reality you have no idea who that friend is and his/her whereabouts.

Men normally think it is easier for ladies Continue reading There is Hope at The End of The Tunnel; You Can Still Find…

Dating a Church Girl

download (6)From the Desk of Mike MG                                                                                                                             

When I talk about a church girl I don’t mean a church goer, but one who has made the words of the sacred book her guiding principles. Unlike dating a gentile girl, dating a church girl is very advantageous and exciting. Continue reading Dating a Church Girl

10 Reasons Why We Are Half-Baked

download (5)From the Desk of Mike MG                                                                                                                                  Every now and again, the corporate keeps complaining of the half-baked graduates it is receiving from institutions of higher learning. You will hear them complain that the graduates of this days are incompetent, unskilled, have negative attitude and are lazy.

All the unproductivity among fresh employees is blamed on the fresh graduates. Graduates have been portrayed as unintelligent, and thought to have no impact on the society. Continue reading 10 Reasons Why We Are Half-Baked

Why I Will Not Do a Wedding Ceremony


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From the Desk of Mike MG

You spent your time, money and wits looking for a lady to marry. You identify one, you propose, she rejects you because you are not in her social class, or rather you are not driving the latest car or any at all. You go to another one, but when things are just about to materialize, she tells you that her ex is beckoning her back and she can’t help herself, despite the pain she went through in his hands. So you quit the pursuit, because Continue reading Why I Will Not Do a Wedding Ceremony

How The Ants Spoiled My First Date

From the Desk of Mike MG                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

This was my first date. Not the first after meeting, but the first after my advances were accepted, that is, after my vibes were approved and certified to be worth believing, as the gospel truth.


Given the hard economic times at which the opportunity to meet my new catch had come, I had no option other than to meet her in a public park.


After picking her at the bus stop… Continue reading How The Ants Spoiled My First Date


Wise & Prudent




From the Desk of Mike MG

Subj: The Fact That the Africans Continue Aping the West Is Clear Evidence of Inferiority Complex among the Africans.


The West have their culture, agenda and development plans which assumedly are consistent with their local needs. The needs of Africans are very different from the needs of the west, given the Geographical location, culture, the level of technology and varying preferences.


As the West strives to restore the stability of their economy, improve on ICT, manufacture sophisticated weaponry, invade on other sovereign states, either by combat or political influence; the Africans should keep themselves busy… Continue reading THE AFRICANS AND THE INFERIORITY COMPLEX

A Marketing intern needed


Position:        Marketing and Research Intern

Location:       Nairobi, Kenya

Part time:      3-6 Months


Want to enhance your Research and Marketing skills? Sootano.com is a Micro jobs Website platform that provides an avenue for talented Kenyan youth to make a living.

They are looking for a Marketing and Research Intern that will carry out a Research campaign and a Marketing campaign.

Their mission is to offer the most trusted and reliable service providers to their clients.  This Internship is an excellent opportunity to experience various aspects of Marketing and Research… Continue reading A Marketing intern needed